Yves Camdeborde - My favourite farmers and their produce

My favourite farmers and their produce

Regularly travelling throughout France, Yves selects ingredients for their extreme quality and excellent flavour but also because of their naturalness and traceability: « In my cooking, the first thing I look for is a product’s authenticity and the sincerity of the person behind it. That’s why I only work with products that are clearly identified and traceable, as natural as possible, with no additives or artifice. It’s also about honesty and respect for my customers ».


Here is a brief, non-exhaustive glimpse of a few of his favourite farmers and their produce, available from the menus in his restaurants:

  • Cow’s milk cheese and yoghurts from Fanny Ferrand in Castetis (64) / Ferme les P’tits Béarnais
  • Milk-fed veal and black Gascon pork from Jean-Marc Bedoura in Mesplède (64) / Ferme Augerot
  • Béarn andouille sausage and Béarn black pudding from his brother Philippe Camdeborde in Pau (64) / Toques et Gourmandises
  • Free-range spring cockerels from Cyril and Pierre Biraben in Beuste (64)
  • Free-range fatted chickens and quails from Pierre Duplantier in Méracq (64)
  • Béarn beans directly from the Béarn Bean Farmers Association in Pau (64)
  • Trébons onions
  • PDO mutton from Barèges-Gavarnie
Basque country
  • Ibaïama ham, hay-baked white ham and chorizo from Eric Ospital in Hasparen (64)
  • Lamb from the Axuria Cooperative in Chéraute (64)
  • Banka trout from Michel and Peïo Goicoechea in Banca (64)
  • Squid, hake and line-caught tuna from Saint-Jean-de-Luz, stone bass, cod and mullet from DIMA-Marée in Saint-Jean-de-Luz (64)
  • Espelette chilli
  • Duck foie gras, duck fillet and duck hearts from Sandrine and Maurice Lesgourgues in Pomarez (40) / Maison Paris
  • Sand-grown asparagus from Les Landes from Jean-René Lafontan in Magescq (40)
Elsewhere, in Nouvelle Aquitaine
  • Oysters from Arcachon Basin from Joël Dupuch in Lège Cap Ferret (33) / Les Parcs de l'Impératrice
  • Oysters from Marennes Oléron and tiger prawns from David Hervé in Saint-Just-Luzac (17)
  • Aquitaine caviar from Laurent Dulau in Saint-Genis de Saintonge (17) / Maison Sturia
  • Walnuts from Périgord (24)
  • Strawberries from Lot et Garonne (47)
  • Pink garlic from Lautrec (81)
  • Mediterranean tuna, swordfish, cuttlefish and red mullet from Benoit and Hervé Barba in Villeneuve-lès-Béziers (34) / Ets Barba
  • Collioure anchovies from Florent Roque in Collioure (66) / Ets Roque
  • Banyuls vinegar from Nathalie Lefort in Port-Vendres (66) / La Vinaigrerie de La Guinelle
  • Citrus fruit from Michel and Bénédicte Bachès in Eus (66) / Mas Bachès
Provence and Corsica
  • Organic vegetables from Jean-Charles Orso in Cannes-La Boca (06)
  • Corsican scrubland honey from Pierre Carli in Patrimonio (20)
  • Black truffles from Gilbert Hugou in Rougiers (83) / Maison Hugou-Dumas
  • Artisan cured meats from Thierry Collot in Vernon (27)
  • Free-range eggs and butter from Ferme La Pellerie in La Madeleine-Bouvet (61)
  • Normande beef from the Huguenin butchery
  • Chausey lobsters, clams and scallops from Emmanuelle Marie in Granville (50)
  • Sea oysters from Agon-Coutainville from Jean-Paul Garnier in Blainville (50)
  • Le Père Jules cider by Guillaume Desfrièches in Saint Désir de Lisieux (14)
  • Oysters from Jean-Jacques Cadoret in Riec-sur-Bélon (29)
  • Oysters from Pascal and Renan Henry in Saint Philibert (56)
  • Flavoured butters and buttered sardines from Jean-Yves Bordier in Noyal sur Vilaine (35)
  • Unpasteurised Brie de Meaux, Coulommiers and Brillat Savarin by Hervé Découttere in Maisoncelles-en-Brie (77) / Ferme de Meroger
  • Farmhouse bread and corn bread by Thierry Breton and Jean-Luc Poujauran in Paris (75)