Yves Camdeborde - Mes vins et vignerons fétiches

My favourite wines and winemakers

All the regulars will tell you, people come here as much for the chef’s mouthwatering food as for the restaurant’s magnificent cellar, one of the best in Paris. With some 600 bottles available with something for everyone (from €20 to €2,000 for a Romanée Conti!), it celebrates the best winemakers in the country.

« Here, I only sell wines that I have tasted and enjoyed, that reflect my food and my tastes, wines from winemakers who share the same philosophy as me. They are humble with a lot of character and personality but also great elegance and unrivalled finesse, unique, singular and irreplaceable, where you can recognised the grape variety. Only the true, pure and original flavour of the wine should express itself in these exceptional bottles ».

Coming from all our regions and representing the diversity of our winemaking culture - there are a few Bordeaux wines but many appellations from our other French vineyards - the vast majority of these wines are made as naturally as possible, often from biodynamic vineyards: « categorically rejecting conventional farming, pesticides and chemicals in the vines and in the winemaking, I try to offer the cleanest wines possible that respect the environment as equally as they respect my customers and their well-being ».

Here is a brief, non-exhaustive glimpse of a few of Yves’ favourite wines and winemakers available from his restaurants:

South West
  • Jurançon: Domaine Montesquieu by Christophe Bordenave in Monein (64)
  • Jurançon: Cuvée Uroulat, Marie and Happy Hours by Charles Hours in Monein (64)
  • Madiran and Pacherenc Du Vic-Bilh: Clos Les Mets d'Âmes by Céline Oulié in Aurions-Idernes (64)
  • Irouléguy: Domaine Arretxea by Michel and Thérèse Riouspeyrous in Irouléguy (64)
  • Côtes du Marmandais: Le Vin est une Fête and Chante Coucou by Elian Da Ros in Cocumont (47)
  • Cahors: Domaine Le Sid by Matthieu Cosse in Prayssac (46)
  • Bergerac: Château Lestignac by Mathias and Camille Marquet in Sigoulès (24)
  • Armagnac: Domaine Boingnières by Martine Lafitte in Labastide d’Armagnac (32)
  • Gaillac: Ondenc or Mauzac Vert by Bernard Plageoles in Cahuzac-sur-Vere (81)
  • Pays de l’Aveyron: L’Olto and Mauvais Temps by Nicolas Carmarans in Campouriez (12)
  • Bordeaux-Côtes-de-Francs: Château Le Puy by Jean-Pierre Amoreau in Saint-Cibard (33)
  • Corbières: La Bégou, Métisse, Rozeta and Campagnès by Maxime Magnon in Durban-Corbières (11)
  • Minervois: Cuvées Ornicar, La Nine and Bois des Merveilles from Domaine Jean-Baptiste Senat, in Trausse (11)
  • Baux de Provence: Domaine Hauvette by Dominique Hauvette in Saint-Rémy-de Provence (13)
  • Patrimonio: Cuvées Hauts de Carco and Blanco Gentile by Antoine Arena in Patrimonio (20)
Rhône Valley
  • Côtes du Rhône: Domaine Gramenon by Michèle Aubéry in Montbrison-sur-Lez (26)
  • Hermitage: Domaine Jean-Louis Chave in Mauves (07)
  • Morgon: Domaine Marcel Lapierre in Villiers-Morgon (69)
  • Chenas: Domaine Karim Vionnet in Villiers-Morgon (69)
  • Burgundy: Domaine Julien Cruchandeau in Nuits-Saint-Georges (21)
  • Burgundy: Domaine Philippe Pacalet in Nuits-Saint-Georges (21)
  • Savoie: Domaine Dominique Belluard in Ayse (74)
  • Arbois: Domaine Pierre Overnoy in Arbois (39)
  • Arbois: Domaine Jean-François Ganevat in Rotalier (39)
  • Alsace: Domaine Arnaud Geschickt in Ammerschwihr (68)
  • Muscadet: Domaine de la Louvetrie and Château de la Carizière by Joseph Landron in La Haye-Fouassier (44)
  • Touraine: Clos du Tue-Bœuf by Thierry Puzelat in Les Montils (41)
  • Saumur: Clos des Treilles by Nicolas Reau in Chouzé-sur-Loire (37)
  • Anselme Selosse Champagne in Avize (51)
  • Emmanuel Lassaigne Champagne in Montegueux (10)